Submitting Reports to the Newspapers

Submitting Reports to the Newspapers

Service Project Reports

Scouts or their parents should send a photo and short description of completed service projects to the local newspapers. This is a good way to publicize the amount of service that Troop 149 provides to the community. It also provides a way to publicly recognize the sponsorship of Friendship Presbyterian Church and the support provided by businesses in the form of donated materials or services.

Items that should be considered for inclusion:

Good quality photographName of ScoutNames of the Scout’s parents/guardiansBoy Scout Troop 149Description of projectOrganization that received the serviceRank being earnedSponsored by Friendship Presbyterian ChurchName of your ScoutmasterNames of companies who donates materials/servicesNames of those who assisted in the project

Sample text:

Joe Smo of Boy Scout Troop 149 recently built a wheelchair ramp for Malcom Bridge Middle School for his Star rank service project requirement. Troop 149 is sponsored by Friendship Presbyterian Church where Paul Matthews is Scoutmaster. Materials were supplied by Lowe’s. Shown with Joe is the school’s principal, Tom Odom. Joe is the son of Moe and Cloe Smo of Bogart.

Members of Boy Scout Troop 149 assisted Sam Smith with his Eagle Scout service project, building an outdoor classroom at Herman C. Michael Park. Shown finishing the construction are Sam, parents Chuck and Sally Smith, Billy Bob, Willy Ed, Jim Bob, of Herman C. Michael Park and Scoutmaster Paul Matthews. Materials were supplied by Home Depot. Plans were reviewed by Landmark Engineering. Troop 149 is sponsored by Friendship Presbyterian Church.


The photograph should convey information about the activity. There are many ways to do this – be creative. Just remember that you are representing the Troop and Scouting, so make the creativity respectable. When taking photos, keep in mind the following:

  • Photos should be somewhat “contrasty” when printed. (Mixture of brights and darks)
  • Photos should be well composed and interesting.
  • Try to fill the frame with the subject.
  • Take a lot of pictures. Even professional photographers take lots of pictures hoping to get “that” shot.
  • If you have people in the picture, have them remove dark glasses and either take off their hats or push them back so that their eyes show up. Pictures of people wearing dark glasses makes them look like thugs waiting to mug little old ladies. (which is not considered very “Scout-like”)