Scoutbook Email Guidelines

Guidelines for the Use of Scoutbook Emails

Our goal is to keep the volume of our email to a reasonably low level while fostering appropriate communication for the good of the Troop.

These simple guidelines can reduce the volume of email:

  • Posts should directly relate to the troop or scouting.
  • Use the subject line so people can delete the email without reading it if the topic is of no interest to them.
  • Email to an individual should be directed to that individual’s personal email account unless the information is of general interest.
  • Do not include the entire text of the original email in your replies.
  • Use plain text instead of word processing, HTML or other heavily formatted files.
  • Limit sending graphics files. We have a private Facebook page to share photos.
  • Two deep leadership is required on emails. At minimum an Adult leaders should copy/include the guardian of the Scout in all email communications.