Duty Patrol Checklist

Duty Patrol Checklist

Turn in to the SPL or ASPL in charge at the end of the meeting.

Today’s Date: ______________________

Duty Patrol: ____________________________________________________

Patrol Leader (or acting Patrol Leader):_______________________________

Here are your tasks as Duty Patrol. Put a check mark next to them when they are complete:

At the Beginning of the Meeting:

___Arrive 5 minutes early to the meeting to prepare

___Check both bathrooms to make sure they are OK before the meeting starts

___Take note of anything unusual about the set-up for the room

___Assign 3-4 Scouts from the Patrol—in full uniform!—to conduct the Flag Ceremony

___Make sure they know how to march, where to go, what to say, etc.

___Put out the flag holders

___Get the rest of your patrol lined up and ready for the opening ceremony

___Conduct the opening flag ceremony correctly


At the End of the Meeting:

___Ask your patrol members to stay until the work is done, and organize their labor

___Make sure all the chairs and tables are put where they go

___Put the flags and flag stands away

___Put away any instructional materials (ropes, poles, books, etc.)

___Pick up all trash in the main meeting room, in the other meeting rooms, and outside (if used)

___Vacuum or sweep the floor if needed

___Pick up any left-behind gear, handbooks, etc. and put in closet

___Check both bathrooms to make sure (1) no trash on floor; (2) no water running; (3) toilets flushed; (4) sink tops are clean; and (5) no graffiti or other problems

___Do not leave until you have talked with the SPL/ASPL and confirmed all is done

Received By:

______________________________________________, SPL/ASPL

Points to Patrol: ______________